Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here I am Africa! The first several days

When I first arrived in Mbarara at the Martin's house, poor baby Naomi was sick. My first night I stayed awake as LONG as I could. Then the next day we went to the children's hospital in Mbarara to just get Naomi checked on (hospitals are kinda different here and all the Doctors that the Martins generally go to are in America right now). Naomi is all better now. Ruhanga Nimarungi (God is good).
Later that day we had a play date at the Martin's with all the Mazungu (white people). I love what they are doing here. It wasn't just their team, but all the teams around. If  I ever am a missionary, I want to do the same thing.
Taylor and I had trouble staying up through the afternoon, but I think we both made it to night before we slept. Jet lag is interesting.
The next day we went to the town church on our way to a village. There I saw Livingston and Alexander. Alexander sneakily tricked me into thinking he was Richard, although I knew better. Silly Alexander. Alexander was one of my dearest friends. Then we saw Richard another friend. Then we went to a village. They fed us and we listened to sermons and wonderful singing! I liked the matoke (it kinda tastes like potato...kinda), but I struggled with the meat. We saw lots of cute kids and gave them stickers and pipe cleaner people. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of us with the kiddos and at a scenic place.
Lots of children

Look at that smile.

Us stopping and viewing the beauty of Africa

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  1. You say, "If ever I am a missionary..." - My friend, you already are!
    Love seeing these pictures and thinking of all God is doing in and around you! Hugs from the Fridges!!!!