Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have a friend who lives in Georgia and today (it's midnight, so it's technically today) i get to see her! I am so excited! If you want to live on the countdown with us, feel free at

Goodnight everyone. I mean good morning.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New beginnings

Well, as some of you may notice, my background is a different background. I thought i'd change it partially just to change things up, but also to symbolize my new beginning.
As many of you know, this next year i am moving off to college. Well, this week is one of the few weeks i'm not crazy busy, so i am packing to leave. It's an exciting and terrifying thing. I can't believe everything is going so quickly. It seems like just yesterday when i was starting 9th grade. What happened to my four years of high school?
I know what i've been doing, but to look back on it, everything doesn't seem quite so busy as it did in the present moment. It's weird how looking back makes everything look different, huh?

I hope to be keeping y'all in touch with what's going on in my life in the next four years, and i hope y'all do the same!!!

Here's to new beginnings,