Friday, October 23, 2009

For all my science geek friends, which i'm included in, HAPPY MOLE DAY!
I was asleep through the time of celebration, but i will still celebrate it.
<-- No i don't mean this I mean this -->
So happy mole day (especially those who were up at 6:02 am)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post of quotes!

This is the first of many :D

"what time is it?" Neither person can see the clock. "What does your watch say?" . . . *listens to watch* "Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick" --Shall We Dance, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Makes me laugh!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Recently I had the honor of watching several of my friends in the play Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat! This is just a dedication to them to let them know how well they did!
I went last Saturday night to see it for the first time in 10 years! I was blown away! One of my friends choreographed all of the show. She did a fantastic job. Several of my other friends sang and danced. I was in awe of their talent. It was as if they were professional. Hahahah. Actually, i loved it so much, i went back sunday night! Great job guys!

If you think about the story of Joseph, it was actually quite a sad story. First, he was the most loved of all of Jacob's children, but he was hated by his brothers! Also, he was having these weird dreams, which he stupidly shared with his brothers. He told them they bowed down to him. That was the last straw! His brothers then tried to kill him, but instead, they decided to sell him.
He was taken to Egypt and sold once again. Slowly but surely he moved to a high postition in a wealthy captin's house, but the captin's wife took an intrest in him. He tried to stick up for his morals, but she would not relent. Finally she lied to her husband and said Joseph had done a horrific action and was sent to prison... sentenced for life.
However, even in prison he was well loved. The gaurds actually had him work for them because he was so honest. Later he met two men who had worked for pharo. He was asked to interpret their dream was great news, the cupbearer would be going back to pharo's side...the other, not such great news. The baker was sentenced to death.
These dreams came true as Joseph had said.
One day, pharo had a startling dream. he called all of his "people" (or witchcraft people) to interpret, but they couldn't. And vwallah! The cupbearer remembered Joseph, so Joseph was promptly brought to the king of Egypt to interpret the dream. Joseph asked God to interpret for him. Then Joseph was put in the 2nd highest postition in Egypt to help with the upcoming famin.
While helping, Joesph's brothers came and asked for food, but didn't realize Joseph was the egyptian helping them. Before he decided to trust them, he decided to see if they were worthy of the trust. To shorten this very long but GREAT story, he planted something to convict the baby brother (who kinda had replaced him). Well, after a while, he finally told them who he was and had them all move to Egypt. It was a happy ending, but it took a really long time.
This is just to say that we WILL have strugles in this life, but we will always be taken care of (even if we don't see the effets till after death). Go look up the story. It's in Genesis. I suggest reading from chapter 37-45. That's the biggest part of the story! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Abilene PART 2!

Well, i know it's been a while since my first Abilene post, but here's what happened the rest of the time.
Friday we got up "early" and went to the campus of ACU. I met a lot of nice people, and talked to a counselor. then the preview day started. They gave us a baggie of goodies, and then the president, Dr. Royce Money, talked to us and gave us their promises, which included, being exceptional, real and one other thing that escapes my mind at this time.
then we went to chapel, which was fun because we sat on the floor and everyone was glad that we were checking out their school. After that, i talked to a physics proffessor, and he had a ton of great information that is really making me ponder what i should do with my life. It's confusing. I have a couple of options, but i don't know which one God wants me to go for.
After that we rushed to lunch and i gobbled it down as fast as possible because i needed to get to my ACT! Ahhh!!!! And i was running late. . .
Thankfully i made it there on time and took the test, and did pretty well on it for my first pass.

here is what i've been really excited to share! I went to dinner with a friend and then she told us of Abilene's balloon fest (airballoon that is). When we got there we realized that there was one family who was giving tethered airballoon rides!!!!! So we hoped in and up up up we went, about 40 ft or so later we felt like we were on top of the world... that is until they pulled us down so others could experience the same feeling. It was a blast!

The rest of the weekend was spent at the mall and a football game, which was intense (both the mall and the football game). We won the football game, but only barely. It was an exctiting weekend, and i am seriously considering my options for schools. Other schools are going to have to really work to defeat ACU!