Thursday, July 21, 2011

And some days...

Some days, I just want to run away. Escape and explore the world and not care what i'm thinking about or doing. Just get away from all of it. Take a break from real life. Pause it. Actually fast forward through the hard times. But, then, I guess, what would I learn. I'd never grow. I'd never feel truly accomplished. Conquering hardness is why life isn't boring.

Other days, I just want to live in a moment for all eternity. Maybe when I'm hanging out with a friend and realize that we really have an awesome connection. Or when you sing that song you've been practicing and you hit it perfectly. Or maybe when everything's just going your way. That day that you are sitting out in God's wonder and there's a gentle breeze on your cheek. The sun is shining. The sky has Toy Story clouds and wispy clouds. Or watching a thunderstorm roll in with all it's lightning.

And yet other days... Other days have moments in them. Every day has it's struggle and joy. It depends on how you view life on which you will focus on. Every day is special. Live each day like... it's the best day ever! (You thought i was going to say your last. Tricked you).

Go have a fantastic day(s). Focus on the joy. On the people. On those special moments.