Sunday, June 19, 2011


My family are those kind of people that say something is a tradition once we like something. Well, needless to say, blueberry fest is one of those traditions. Every year we can, we are in Nacogdoches to try out their blueberry goodness. My family even made dorky... i mean awesome t-shirts that were blue and superhero-ish. On the back each of us had a name that had to do with blue or berries or both. My name was "The Incredible Blueberry" (yes i stole that from incredible hulk). We also had names like "Blue Lantern," "Captain Blueberry," "Wonder Blueberry," and "Aqua-Berry." Then the shirts said, "SAVING THE WORLD WITH BLUEBERRY GOODNESS." Oh and our van also said this in blue, and it was called the blueberry-mobile. Get it, Bat-mobile, blueberry-mobile...
Anyways, this year my family put aside special time to go! So what's so grand about blueberry fest? Well, it has blueberries and is a festival. What's not to like? But really, there are little stands everywhere that you can buy things from; there are blueberry pancakes; there are blueberry treats; there is free water; and there is Cowboy Max! My family got to see Cowboy Max's show this year and my dad actually participated. Cowboy Max whipped something out of my dad's had whilst my dad was blindfolded and Cowboy Max was "blindfolded." In other words, Cowboy Max said he'd be blindfolded, but he wasn't.
But back to the blueberries. Sadly, my family missed out on blueberries. We waited too long to buy them and then tried to pick them and the farm closed on us. I was so sad. I love blueberries. So next time we go (hopefully next year), we will go right after our blueberry pancakes.

So, I probably could have merely typed I LOVE BLUEBERRY FEST, and y'all would have gotten the gist, but this was more fun! I hope you enjoyed. Now here are some pictures:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things of past, things of the present, the future

The past:
As this day has progressed, i've realized how much OC has changed my life. I miss all my friends from there. I miss the days on campus where i can walk anywhere and everywhere. I miss walking out my door and not having to make any plans, but being able to go do something with ANYONE! I miss the winds (i know, it's crazy talk). I miss the clocktower. I miss the people.

The present:
The things i love about right now! I love that Kaila and I are hanging out. I love getting together with friends here. I love the laziness. I love the car i'm getting to drive and the freedom it gives me. i love the free food provided by my parents. I love the relaxing. I love these friends too.

The future:
I look forward to spending more time with friends here. I look forward to spending time with OC friends when we go back. I look forward to a new post about something fun! I look forward to all the activities next year. I look forward to being Sophmore female rep. I look forward to the admissions job i have. I look forward to possibly helping recruit for the engineering department. I look forward to Engineering Summer Academy. I'm looking forward to Earn Your Wings where i will help freshman earn their wings and become part of the OC family. Oh, did i already say i'm looking forward to all the people i will meet, hanging with all my home friends, and hanging with my "new" school friends? If not, that is what is most heavily on my mind. Friends. I need to see them. I need to hear from them. Make sure they are ok. See what is going on in their lives.

Well, that's all for now. Sleep well friends.
till later.