Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road to Africa: Travel

Hey friends and family and stumble readers!
I've been here in Uganda for over a week now and. . . I LOVE IT! I've had many adventures already. I will try to get y'all all caught up.
So my trip started on the 21st of May. I woke up SUPER early and showered and drove to the airport from our team reunion (every year the team I grew up with in Uganda, meet in Arkansas for a couple days). When we got there, I had some trouble with luggage and such, but we got it taken care of. The first airplane I boarded was in Arkansas was... tiny to say the least. There was condensation coming out of the air vents and I thought the plane was going to poison me. However, I'm still alive and well. My first stop was Chicago. I ran across that airport lugging my backpack and the camera bag. I made my connecting flight in perfect time! When I got on the plane a sweet elderly couple asked if they could use my seat and I could just sit one seat up. I was totally fine with that. I would hate to separate a cute older couple. I sat down and my new Canadian friend sat with me. I thought I'd sleep, but I was glad to have company. He was touring part of America on a civil war tour. Next, I landed in Washington and met up with my new team. Then we flew together to Brussels and walked around in the airport for a while. Then we went through the security check and searched for our gate. We flew on a fairly empty flight to Kigali, Rwanda. I slept for a couple hours! It was wonderful.Then we had a short flight to entebe.
After we reached Entebe, we spent the night there. We woke up to a beautiful view of Lake Victoria. Here's a picture: 

After that we traveled around  Kampala and shopped. Then, we drove to Mbarara. And there is all of the traveling!
Well, I know that wasn't much of an update, but I'll try to catch y'all up more today.

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