Friday, September 25, 2009

Abilene--Prettiest Town I've Ever Seen!

It was a stormy day, I grabbed my suit case and threw it in the car preparing for a long trip. First, I had to go to classes, but soon i hopped in the car with my mother, unsure of what this day or weekend would bring. Seven hours later, we arrived in the beautiful west Texas town of Abilene. The sunset was gorgeous. We pulled into the hotel and started our college tour!
It is exciting, planning your life, but at times it can be scary. I'm trying to decide if i should go through the business department, do a science, go to ACU, go to OCU, or do something completely different!
However, lets get back to our trip! So we arrived at the hotel and to our dismay our room smelled smokey. BLUCK! So we asked to move rooms. We already had half our luggage in our room so i just decided to hang out there until till mom checked out our new room. Well, we transfered our luggage into the new room. . . A few minutes later we realized how much smaller the room was and how much it smelled like chlorine.
So once again we changed rooms, and finally we were home. :-)
Hence ended our first day.

Be looking for a post on today, tomorrow. Things to look forward to: how visiting a counseler went, what ACU preivew day is, how the ACT is a VERY long test, and how a AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL IS A BLAST!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ron Stowe's Fight

In June i posted several things about a man named Ron Stowe; well, within a month, Mr. Stowe passed away. It was very sad and i am still deeply affected by it, but i thought that you guys should know. Please continue to pray for his family.

In a flash

In a flash your world can change. You can think that life will always be the same, but it's not true. I experienced it first hand and for a second saw my life flash before my eyes.
My family went to the beach recently to burn all of our wood, and we had a cardboard tube that we thought would be fun to burn too. So, we sprayed lighter fluid and used some gel stuff that you put under serving dishes at buffets and threw it in the fire. Well, it was kind of boring, so we got it out with a shovel. Since there was a little bit of wind blowing towards the ocean, the flame only sat on one end of the open tube, but when the wind died down, a vacuum was created and the flame shot to the other side till the wind picked up again. Watch and enjoy :D
Oh, no one was seriously injured during the creation of this film, my hands and camera and face were just a little warm for a second ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wonders if anyone actually checks my blog anymore

Hey guys, does anyone even get on here anymore?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look into the heart

Have you ever been lost? alone?
Maybe confused? or experienced Déjà vu?

Or have you felt happy? glad? sad? mad? bad? or like the fad has just passed over you?

Feelings, feelings... aren't they strange? You never get used to them, which i think is good. If you got used to feelings, you'd get used to love. You'd get used to feeling like the world is going your way for once. Used to feeling embraced and used to feeling alive; you'd get used to when people suddenly died. You couldn't mourn or laugh and feel truly good. While discarding feelings maybe more convenient than having them, it's still worth it to have them right?

remember that for a while... i'm going to refer back to it in a future post, i just have to get all my thoughts together on that post.