Thursday, June 25, 2009

All in a weeks work!

So, i thought i'd let you get a little glimpse into my summer.
Here is my week so far:
Sunday, pretty peaceful. I made blueberry pancakes for dad for father's day. Then we went swimming. Just a fun summer day. We ended by watching bed time stories! cute movie.

Monday: I got my license!!!! AHHH!!!! Then i just kinda chilaxed, oh and helped someone with their pool!

Tuesday: I started packing for Summit, which doesn't start till the 28th. I also started shopping for that. Got some nice stuff.

Wednesday (i hate spelling that word!): Kept packing...and packing...and laundry...watched a movie...and packed...and that's it.

Thursday: Packed, laundry, shopped with Deborah!!!!!! It was a blast! I got a pink scarf and a cute shirt with blue in it (yes, i'm obsessed with ONE color! ).

What's in store for the rest of the week?
Friday: Hanging with my family!
Saturday: Kaila leaves for camp :'( I'll miss her terribly!
Sunday: I'M LEAVING!!! WOOT! I'll be really sad about leaving my family, but i'm so stoaked!!!

There is an average week, well not so average, but still a week in my life :D

Friday, June 19, 2009



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron Stowe's Fight

Please pray for Ron Stowe. He needs our prayers. He is a very sick man. He is fighting, but he needs prayers. Thank you my friends.

Blueberry Festival

You may be wondering, what is a blueberry fest??? Well, here is what went down for us!
First, we woke up early. O.K. early as in I think we got up at 7:30.
We arrived at the festival around 8:00. We jumped in the line for blueberry pancakes, and an hour and five minutes later, we ate pancakes! Let’s just say they were really good pancakes. I heard that Bill White was even in the line, but I didn't realize it.

After our great pancakes, we walked around looking at little tents with cutsie shops in them. I bought a pair of GREEN sunglasses!

My mom and sister bought parasols, which they brilliantly used to protect them from the sun. I stupidly didn't. I have a striking sunburn now. It's pretty intense and hurt (actually hurts) an awful lot.

Cowboy Max was one of the best parts! He was a COWBOY and he had a lasso AND a bullwhip! He showed us some sweet lasso moves while we stood in our hour and five minute pancake line. He had young children jump into it while he was twirling it. Then he also twirled the lasso around himself at one point. However, my ultimate favorite trick he did was he gave my family a mini show! We missed his regular show, but he said he would give us a sneak peak. He said "I’ll be right back, I’m going to go get my bullwhip and whip something outa your (dad's) mouth." He came running back and handed my dad a carnation that was as long as my arm! He asked us "ladies, how brave would you say he is, on a scale from 1 to 10?" Of course we all said 10!!!!!! Well, poor dad. Cowboy Max slowly but surely stripped the carnation's stem down to only about a little longer than my hand. Then he carefully positioned my dad to hold the flower (although, he put it in his hand not his mouth). He took a couple cracks (meaning he whipped his whip and made a few jokes!), then he whipped it out of my dad's hand. It was quite impressive.

See the carnation?

Next, we walked into air-conditioning (which was quite a treat since I believe the temperature had been in the late 90s). We listened to some jazz and I really wanted to swing dance all of a sudden!
It was a really fun day filled with many other fun events (including me winning bingo, my family playing dominos at the hotel, and many other things).

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing a peak into blueberry fest. Hope to see you in Nachegdoches Texas for blueberry fest next year.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing Friends

A Poem dedicated to Amy:
So summer starts, and friends go miles apart; yet, they grow closer at heart. Yes, this is how summer starts. When life is fun, under the summer sun, we will never come undone. Days fly past, weeks grow fast, and still our friendship lasts. You are my friend, and I will love you till the end. Know that whatever comes our way, I will not stray.

Maybe we ARE in Kansas, Toto!

Recently, I have been staying with my older sis in her new apartment in Plano.
While we have been here, we’ve helped her move in, I’ve worked on some odd projects for me, and we’ve eaten… A TON!
One night we were setting something up in her apartment and heard sirens. She lives near a fire department, so we thought little of it. However, they lasted FOREVER and we heard something being said, but I couldn’t understand it.
Well, our sweet tooth got the better of us and we walked down to a little donut shop to get a bite. It looked kinda gross outside, but it had been threatening to rain the whole day. It was really still and kinda eerie, but I still thought little of it. We got our donuts and started the two minute walk home. It started raining before we could get inside, so we quickly scooted in a different entrance to her apartment as not to get wet. You see, we haven’t had consistent internet or TV, so we hadn’t checked the weather all week. When we got in, mom was on the phone with dad. He said that there had been a tornado! After we got over the shock, we cracked up! You see, one of my sisters had heard something about a tornado warning, but didn’t realize the difference between warning and watch and was pretty certain we were safe. She actually told us she heard it before we left, but we didn’t hear her. The next day my older sister went to work and her co-workers told her they thought the tornado had blown within two miles of where we walked. We wondered why it was so still, now we know. What’s really funny is almost anytime there is a tornado, my family is out and about, usually eating. I just thought you’d like to hear this humorous true story.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That's what it's all about

To follow my blog, there are a few things one must do. First, put your left foot in, take your left foot out, put your left foot in… Not really! So what is it REALLY all about? This blog is to keep you guys in touch with my life and what’s going on through a fun and entertaining way! I hope to talk about my past, present, and maybe even future; about things I see our world struggles with; and about so much more. It’s also to provide hours of entertainment, if not for you, then for me :D. I most earnestly hope you enjoy.