Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing with H20 and Reflections--All while eating cake!

The title pretty much sums it up. Hope you like!
Oh one little note, reflections are my favorite to play with!!! If you are even an amateur-like me- photographer, you can still get awesome pics w/ reflections and macro (little flower) mode! (THE LAST ONE IS MY FAV)

Putting my science into practice. Using the stickiness of water to my advantage.

This one beats all!!! Ok, if you look really closely, and i mean REALLY, you can see Kaila upside down. AHHH!!!! Water is so cool, reflections are so cool, life is so cool!!!! REHANGA NEMURENGE (spelling is wrong): GOD IS SO GOOD!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life Wouldn’t Be The Same

Have you ever stopped to think about things that have changed your life? Little moments that seemed so big then, but are so small now; or maybe vice-versa, they were so small then, but huge now. Maybe talking to one person, or having a sunny day instead of rain, or maybe having a kind word spoken has completely changed your life. Looking back on my life I see many of those moments. Some make my heart have warm fuzzies, others make me want to cry, but each have developed my outlook on life. I kinda wish that I could jump from parallel universe to parallel universe (not that I particularly believe in parallel universes, I just like the idea of seeing different ways my life would have turned out), but I think that this is the most perfect life I could have if I were to not change anything but my actions. Think, I have a mom, dad, two beautiful sisters, a whole bunch of relatives, friends upon friends upon friends that each have a place in my heart…I’ve lived overseas, I’ve lived in the grand ol’ state of Texas in the great country of the U.S. of A! I’ve had good times and bad. I’ve had a great life. I dedicate this post to being thankful for everything, even the hard times that have happened. Thank You oh Lord!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Monthaversiary Already Passed???

Weird title aye? You may be wondering who I shared this blessed "Monthaversiary" with. Well, I shared it with more than 183 people. That's right. My Monthaversiary (by the way, that word is credited to Mandy, thanks ;-D) is with Summit Ministries' very own session 4 group (which you can check out at Go check it out!).
If any of you have hung out with me since I’ve been home, then you know how much this camp means to me. Although I try not to overwhelm you with all my fun stories and lessons learned, I can't help but talk about them. They have forever changed my life and I will never be able to repay them.
I don't know where to start or how to end, nor do I know if I will ever fully disclose the wonderful tales of our adventure, but I am determined to try. As this year progresses, I hope to have many a post that mentions or is dedicated to The SUMMIT.
We will start with day one:
The first day, I got up at before light graced the world to arrive to the airport on time. I showered and didn't believe it was already time for Summit. Life had seemed to fly by for the last three months when I first signed up. Well, needless to say, I was so exhausted from getting up early to catch my plane, then driving two hours from my airport to Summit. When my friend, Debbs, and I arrived, we were greeted by the girls at the front desk who kindly told us we were on the 4th floor. I was about ready to leave right then. You see, both Debbs and I had brought over 50 lbs in luggage, in fact, we probably brought 140 lbs combined... AHHH! Well, on our way out to get it we met three nice gentlemen who kindly offered to take ALL of our bags up all four flights of stairs. They literally saved our lives. *SIDE NOTE* for those of you who have never flown to Colorado from a flat, humid, hot... place: They actually have elevation! And it hurts. Your lungs fill like they are going to explode!
We got to our room and realized we were in a suite with 8 other girls (excluding us two). That was exciting! More exciting than I can put into words.
Well, Debbs and I took a few minutes in town (Manitou Springs--Said like Man-i-tou Springs, Colo-rado BY DOC) to transition our minds into this new wonderful place. Also, to get ready for the swarms of people we'd meet in the next few hours. Little did we realize that to get back to Summit, you must trek up a very steep hill!!! After we survived the trek, I thought I could take on world! So we did. We went and introduced ourselves to probably 80 something people. Several of them that were to be my best friends in less than two weeks.
Here are some of the names of those people and a short word or phrase that described how we met:

Caitlin: room. First camper I met
Ellen: "hey, I have that shirt!"
Nathan: cards, under the table ;-)
Bradley and Dustin: that stupid random fact game
Cortney, Staci, and Kaylene: Suite mates.
Aysia and Joelle: Roommates, best EVER!
Mallory: playing a game

The list goes on. Well, there is a small glimpse into our first day. There will be many more as I remember things, but for now if you want to see other's perspectives on the days at summit go to and look at Session four day 1. By the way, I wrote day four! I'll post it here too.
I love and miss you guys at Summit.


Here we come Summit!

Room with a view??? I think so!

Manitou Springs..."Home of the hippies"