Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week at a glance

I haven't done a very good job of keeping you guys updated. Sorry. 
Here's an idea of what my week generally looks like:

Mondays: Days off. Time to just chill and do whatever. I've done everything from having skirts made   to swimming to getting my nails done. Next Monday my friend and I may get a message.

Tuesday: I have a 3 hour language lesson. Then we go eat local food. Then we shop in the market. And then we eat at the Martin's/my house with all the interns and sometimes watch a movie.

Wednesdays: We work on the farm... All day... And then go to women's Bible study. I actually really like farming, I'm just generally zapped when we come in to shower.

Thursday: Thursdays are different days. Every thursday is a bit different. It always consists of going to play group though. Play group includes all the Muzungu (white people) moms around town. It's such a cool thing.

Friday: Generally we go to the village or my friend Taylor and I teach the missionary kids. Depends on what else is happening.

Saturday: I usually go over to the Tucker's house and hang out. Then we have neighborhood play group where all the kids around come and play and then learn a Bible lesson and eat popcorn! This Saturday though, Taylor, Aimee Jo, Shawna, and I are going to the village to spend the night.

Sunday: Church, lunch, and then worship night (either just our group or community worship, which everyone is invited to).

Here is my schedule at a glance.

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